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SOMO009 redredred: livejam

by redredred

livejam 28:58


SOMO009 redredred - livejam

This edition opens a new chapter and introduces our first LIVEJAM.
A clock is ticking between spheres of dark ambient. Delays are wondering around, creating a soundtrack for a non-existing movie. Rhythms are crawling, only to be stopped by breaky interferences. Redredred presents his first livejam, the 9th release at sonic moiré. His self-built #schwingstrument and other gear will take you on a 30 minutes journey of interesting soundscapes. Attentive listeners will immerse in diverse elements. Enjoy.


released July 8, 2019

Artist: redredred
Artwork: leinadworks leinadworks.tumblr.com
Digital Mastering- & Distribution Engineer: Julian C. R. de Freitas
Label: sonic moiré
www.sonicmoire.de / www.facebook.com/sonicmoire



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