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SOMO004 Caldera: Journey​/​Valuable

by Caldera

Journey 06:00
Valuable 06:00


Raw, dusty soundscapes is what the vinyl debut of sonic moiré brings to the table. Caldera‘s "Journey" reveals something unexpected through its driving beat, as tapping-shuffeling rhythms play around the uncompromisingly pressing bass drum, only to be interrupted by organic sample constructions. "Journey" is captivating through and through without foreseeing its destination... Dusty, dirty, house, urban jazz leads night owls towards the morning sun.
Picking up this vibe, "Valuable" doesn‘t hide behind the opener: pitched-down vocal samples develop through foggy walls of delays. Fly through empty spaces, spread to leave nothing but an echo of spherical shapes. Underneath it all, an at-ease beat develops that captivates with its laid-back spirit. It drifts slowly, always a little behind, wonderfully timeless. "Valuable" can also be played at 45 rpm, which transforms it into an atmospheric dancefloor-orientated version, that captures the A-side‘s vibe.

Malte Schumann (Caldera) was born in Duisburg (Germany) and is now based in Brighton (UK). Besides his digital releases he released a split 12“ on riviera club, a 12“ on brightest dark place, and a tape on noorden.

Each copy is hand stamped and comes with a unique-looking risoprint and a sticker.

A - Caldera: Journey (6:00 - 33 rpm)
B - Caldera: Valuable (6:00 - 33 rpm)


released February 26, 2016

Label Artwork: leinadworks.tumblr.com
Print Artwork: Caro Tolkemit www.carotolkemit.de
Photos: Malte Schumann / Caldera


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